Mini-Camp One-Weeks

Unlike our Summer program, which runs in two-week sessions, our Winter Camp is a "mini-camp," a slightly scaled down version of our full-out summer program that is offered by the week, or day. 


So, What's Missing?

We still put all the love and care into our winter programming- we just restructure to allow our Group Projects to be completed in one-week, instead of two.

If you skim our website, some of the details noted won't be offered during our Mini-Camp (Optional Lunch Service, Field Trips, etc)

Campers will still have a CHOICE in all activities. 


Day Rate Option

We know a number of families travel during the holidays, so we offer a special Day Rate during Winter Camp, for folks who might only be able to make a few days, instead of a full-week.


Day Rate Special Note

*Please note that if you use the day rate, there is a chance your camper may not complete some projects. 

*                            *

Winter Camp Details

Adventure Travel Camp

Every day- an exciting field trip adventure! 

Drop-off & Pick-Up from Plummer Park in West Hollywood

(campers take a schoolbus to/from destinations)

M-Th regular hours are 9:00am-3:00pm  //  Friday (Knott's trip) special hours: 8:15am-3:45pm

Monday, Dec. 17- Friday, Dec 21 

Discounted Week: $430    Day: $100/*120

*                            *

Mini-Camp Weeks: "Wildfolk Free-Range"

A slightly scaled down version of our regular summer two-week program. Campers have various activity hubs to choose from.


So, What's Different? 

1. Programming is adjusted for one-week model

2. Some summer options aren't offered- field trips & lunch service!

3. Our staff and operations are scaled down a bit 

Registration Fee

There is a $20 registration fee per child

Spring Camp Details

Week 1: APRIL 8- 12 

Week 2: APRIL 15-19

Register by...

Super Special                     Sly Fox                     Regular

by Feb. 1- $345             by Mar. 1- $355                  $395

      (Save $50)                                (Save $40)                        After March 1


WildBunch AM: 7:45am-8:45am     $8/day   or   $30/week

WildBunch PM: 3:15pm- 5:45pm     $18/day  or   $75/week

         AM & PM discounted rate     $90/week

*GITs (Guides-in-Training) are in teens in 8th- 10th grade, who assist in camp leadership

(424) 341-5522

TAX ID: 81-1113444

Play wild. grow wild. love wild.

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