CAmper Teams '21

In a typical summer, we group campers by grade and they mix-up for 3 elective periods (of their choosing). We love this aspect of our program because it puts campers at the center of co-creating their camp experience. 

With the Covid-19 safety guidelines in place this Summer, we have to modify our program a wee bit to keep things as safe as possible. This means keeping campers in smaller, consistent Teams for each session- instead of mixing up. 

So what do these small consistent Teams look like? 

In order to still incorporate the element of child-choice, campers going into 1st grade & up will be placed on Teams, based on their activity interest.  Pre-K & Kinder campers are grouped by grade and will have a variety of age-appropriate activities. (Some 1st graders, if wanting to be grouped with a Kinder friend or prefer a variety experience, will be placed in a Kinder/1st mix)

All Teams will have active, brainy, and artsy activities each day. You can read more below.

How do campers get put on Teams?

During registration, when you add a session to your cart, it'll ask you to make a Team selection from those that are still available/have spaces. We ask you to please coordinate with your friends ahead of registering to select the same Team. Once a Team is full, we aren't able to accommodate additional campers on that Team. Click the link below (Summer Avail Update) for current availability for each Team by session. 

More questions?

Check our FAQ