Junior Leader positions are...

intended for High School (11th & 12th graders) & College Students. There are limited positions available and they are competitive.

New Junior Leaders are offered a partial summer schedule, with opportunity to work the full summer in their 2nd summer.  

Regular hours are 8:00am-3:00pm


Camp Assistants (CAs)

C.A.s are the behind-the-scenes magic-makers at Camp. They do not always work directly with campers, but help in supporting the overall camp program.  As a Camp Assistant, your primary role will be in assisting with activity prep and overall program support.

Positions Available:  1-2 per campus

Jr. Guides have a similar role to our Guides, but might only lead one elective activity (or none). They also don't typically communicate directly with Caregivers. 

Like Guides, Jr. Guides support a camper group, working with a co-Guide.

Jr. Guides are a great way to gain more experience working with youth.

Jr. Guide


Junior Leadership Positions