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Like a traditional Camp Counselor- but so.much.better! Guides are truly the backbone of Camp. It's a dual role of some traditional "Camp Counselor" stuff and Activity Leading. Our staff share that they love this because it allows them to be creative and take ownership over a part of camp. 

Guides are assigned a group of campers to guide and support each session, with a Co-Guide. This  group is your community- your group to create traditions with, to cheer with, to help form connections, etc. 

Additionally, during each activity period of the day, groups break up into elective activities. Guides will either be assigned an elective class to lead (chosen in advance, based on your interest/skill), or assigned a class to support (not lead the class, just help supervise campers). 

Regular Guide Hours are 8:15am-3:15pm (with some additional hours for staff meetings). Optional additional hours for Extended Day program. 

Starting pay is $14.25-$15.00/hour (depending on education and experience)

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Camp Assistant (CA)

C.A.s are the behind-the-scenes magic-makers at Camp. They do not always work directly with campers, but help in supporting the overall camp program. 

As Camp Assistant, your primary role will be in assisting with activities. Each day, you’ll be assigned a few elective classes to assist with (materials prep, class set-up, and/or class clean-up).  These positions are limited and intended for folks who don't have prior experience with children. If you have experience with kids, please apply for the Jr. Guide position. 

Two Junior Leader positions:

Jr. Guide

Jr. Guides have a similar role to our Guides, only they don't typically lead elective activities and don't interact with Caregivers. Like Guides, Jr. Guides are assigned to a camper group to support. Jr. Guides are a great way to gain more experience working with youth.

Junior Leader positions are...

intended for HS/College Students. There are limited positions available and they are competitive. New Junior Leaders are offered a partial summer schedule, with opportunity to work the full summer in their 2nd summer.  

Regular hours are 8:00am-3:15pm


Part-Time Afternoon Wildbunch and/or Camp Sub

Wildbunch Afternoon Guide (3:00pm- 5:45pm   M-F): Help with our extended day program: playground supervision, co-planning engaging activities with other Wildbunch staff, communicating with Caregivers at pick-up, and ensuring safety of all campers. 

Camp Sub: Some guaranteed weeks with optional on-call sub dates. This is intended for someone with limited availability or looking for more occasional work. 

Wildbunch PM Coordinator

The Wildbunch PM Coordinator is a part-time position- best for someone not interested in working longer summer hours. 


This person must be a responsibility master. They will supervise our extended day program (check-in, snack, playground supervision, co-plan engaging activities with other WildBunch staff, communicate with caregivers at pick-up, oversee roster, communicate with Director in case of emergency, and safely close the campus.

WBC regular hours are 3:00-5:45pm  (subbing is available during the camp day, if desired-- with some guaranteed days/weeks). 

(1st summer coordinators- $15.50- 16.50/hr)


Campus Coordinator (seasonal)

Each Campus is led by a pair of co Campus Coordinators. They are on the camp leadership team and oversees the safety and well-being of all campers, programs, and staff on their Campus. They are also the spirit leader for camp and should infuse camp magic into every moment. 

The CCs should have experience supervising a team and will help to create a staff culture that is welcoming, warm, fun, and safe for staff to take risks, grow, stretch themselves, learn, and build meaningful relationships with campers and peers. They oversee a large group of Guides- providing observations, feedback, coaching, and support to ensure our camp staff are excelling with campers, families, and in our elective classes.


The CCs support the overall camp operation and on-site communication with families. They must have experience with on-the-fly problem solving and an attention to detail. They do regular campus checks to ensure everything is running optimally and with our camper's safety at the forefront. 

If there are any issues that arise with campers during the camp day, the CC is the go-to communicator with camper's families- keeping things always respectful, positive, and solution-focused. 

CC regular hours are 7:45am-3:15pm (with early starts on Mondays, late stays on Thursdays, and as needed) 

Starting $20/hour

Assistant Camp Coordinator

The ACC has their hand in everything- supervising staff, assisting caregivers with concerns, and supporting campers along the way. 

The ACC works alongside the Camp Director in the overall operation of Camp. This individual must have years of experience supervising staff.

Camper Support: help create an atmosphere where campers feel safe, infuse spirit and fun, and assist with conflicts.

Staff Support: Help create a staff culture that is welcoming, warm, fun, and safe for staff to take risks, grow, stretch themselves, learn, and build meaningful relationships with campers and peers. Assist in supervision and coaching.


Parent Support: Proactively communicate with Caregivers about concerns, keep them informed, and help nurture community.

ACC regular hours are 7:45am-3:15pm (Monday early start/Thursday late stay for staff meetings)

(Starting $17/hour)r)

HQ Coordinator

The HQ Coordinator is a hybrid Office Assistant and Registrar with a Campy twist.

Office Asst: creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the Camp Office, communicate with respect and clarity, answer phones, respond to emails, make copies, keep office tidy, supply restock & ordering, vendor communication

Registrar: Assist caregivers with registration during camp, collect payments, add fees to accounts as needed

Campy Stuff: opening the gate for latecomers/early pick-ups, tracking early pick-ups and having campers ready, writing incident reports for campers, handling First Aid incidents

HQ Coordinator regular hours are 7:30am-3:15pm 

(1st summer coordinators- $15.50- 16.50/hr)

Junior Leaders Coordinator (JLC)

The Junior Leaders Coordinator is responsible for overseeing our Guides-in-Training (GITs) and Junior Leader staff. The most important part of this role is keeping it feeling fun for these older youth.

The JLC spends their day supporting and overseeing the GITs- coaching them on leadership, providing support to Guides in how best to work with GITs, and more. They are also responsible for overseeing all the duties of CAs and Jr Guides- ensuring all prep work has been completed efficiently and the junior leaders are on top of their assignments. 


As JLC, you will help create and implement leadership workshops, trainings, and ongoing coaching for our young staff. 

TC regular hours are 7:45am-3:30pm (with occasional early Monday mornings for leadership meetings).

It is a salaried position, commiserating with education and experience (1st summer coordinators- $15.50- 16.50/hr)