Team Leadership Coordinators


Campus Coordinators

(WeHo & Valley)

Each Campus is led by a pair of Campus Coordinators (seasonal).  Under the guidance of the Executive Director, they oversee the safety and well-being of all campers, programs, and staff on their Campus. They are also the spirit leader for camp and should infuse camp magic into every moment. 

The CCs should have experience supervising a team and will help to create a staff culture that is welcoming, warm, fun, and safe for staff to take risks, grow, stretch themselves, learn, and build meaningful relationships with campers and peers. They oversee a large group of Guides- providing observations, feedback, coaching, and support to ensure our camp staff are excelling with campers, families, and in our elective classes.


The CCs support the overall camp operation and on-site communication with families. They must have experience with on-the-fly problem solving and attention to detail. 

CC regular hours are 7:45am-3:15pm (with early starts on Mondays, late stays on Thursdays, and as needed) 

Starting $20/hour

The HQ Coordinator is like the Boss of the Camp Office. Part Registrar- Part Camper Support. It's a seasonal position. 

They create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the Camp Office, communicate with respect and clarity, answer phones, respond to emails, help with registration & charge fees, make copies, organize the snack & lunch orders, and keep the camp office tidy & organized

Outside of office-stuff, they're the go-to person for camper support (ouchies & conflicts). HQC writes incident reports, handles latecomers & early pick-ups, and oversees the Guides-in-Training. 

HQ Coordinator regular hours are 7:45am-3:15pm  (early start on Mondays, late stay on some Thursdays for staff meetings)

Starting $17/hour

HQ Coordinator