Camp Guide Positions


Camp Guides

What's a Camp Guide? Kinda like a hybrid of an Activity Instructor & a Camp Counselor. Guides are truly the backbone of Camp. They're the reason our campers LOVE Wildfolk. We hire super-special youth development pros.

Guides are assigned to a Team of campers to guide and support each session, with a Co-Guide. This group is your community- your group to create traditions with, to cheer with, to support in forming peer connections, etc. 

Guides also lead elective activities during our activity rotations: movement, innovation, and creativity. If there's a rotation you aren't leading an elective, you'll be supporting another Guide while they lead. 

This Summer, with our Covid-19 safety protocols, we're grouping campers a little differently. Rather than mixing & mingling, campers will be placed on a Team each session (based on their interests). Teams will have 1-2 Guides, depending on size, and teams will be together for the full camp day. Guides will lead all activities with their Team. This means lots of opportunities for creating an awesome mini-community culture with your group. Team Cheers. Team rituals. Team pride.  

Guide Hours are 8:15am-3:00pm (with some additional hours for staff meetings).

Optional additional hours available for Extended Day program.