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Camp Wildfolk has a unique and mindful approach

Read about our unique approach, how we integrate Project-Based Learning into our camp day, and our Wildfolk Intentions aka The 7 C's.

Camp Wildfolk has a teen leadership program for ages 13-17

Learn all about our fun and empowering leadership training program for youth ages 13-17.

Discover what a typical day at Camp Wildfolk looks like for campers in all 3 programs.


Read about our super-special, optional Camp-Ins, held twice over the summer, directly on-site, at LCS-Fairfax.

Read more about Camp Wildfolk's age appropriate and fun programs for ages 4- 12


Learn more about our age-differentiated programs


for our campers and what to expect.

The Wild Bunch-

extended day programming available before camp,

starting at 7:30am, and after camp until 5:30pm

Helpful tidbits on all the other important camp stuff- lunch ordering, water play, field trips, and project themes.

What do you need to know as a visiting or international family? What to pack? What to expect? 

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