Campership Fund & Financial Aid


We provide financial assistance to qualifying families with proven economic hardship, who otherwise could not send their children to our Camp. 

In 2016, we awarded over 50 weeks worth of camp to families in Los Angeles.

We want to continue to expand our financial assistance program as our camp grows, and we need your help to do so!


Please consider helping us spread the camp love by making a donation that will go straight toward bringing a deserving camper to Camp Wildfolk this Spring/Summer. 


Are you in need of financial assistance?

To apply, please email us to get the process started.

We'll need to verify your income and family size. 

Generally, if your family is approved for the "Free or Reduced Lunch" program, you'll be eligible for financial assistance. But our spots are limited, so apply early. 

*Financial Assistance must be applied for each year. Eligibility in a prior season does not guarantee you will get aid. 

Unlike other camps, we do not limit your sessions.

We know how valuable starting a camp tradition can be in a young person's life. The longer a child comes to camp, the greater impact it will have on them. And we hope your campers will come back to Wildfolk year after year. 

We believe in the power of camp to transform young lives.

We believe our Wildfolk community is stronger when it is comprised of diverse children, with uniquely different  perspectives and backgrounds.