We put so much heart and care

into forging a memorable experience for this truly unique and special age group,

where G.I.T.s feel positively empowered and engaged in their leadership development and learning;

while still holding onto the joy and silliness of camper-life-

cutting loose with friends, both new and old, exploring new interests, taking healthy risks,

and having the time of their lives!


  • G.I.T. Camp Day is 8:15am-3:15pm


  • They participate in a mandatory Pre-Camp Training and are interviewed for Team placement.

    •  G.I.T.s will be placed in one of three Teams each session they attend.

    • All G.I.T.s help lead activities during Snack and Lunch, take on a special role for Fridays, attend weekly field trips, and assist with Check-in and Check-out


  • G.I.T.s receive coaching, goal-setting, leadership development, and ongoing check-ins with the Camp Director and Wildfolk Staff


G.I.T.s in CST support one specific group for that session.


They will build relationships with one group of campers and their assigned Guide. 

Folks in this placement support their Tribe Guides with activities throughout the day, which might range from leading an icebreaker game, supporting campers through a challenging emotional moment, or working on a project with campers who need a little extra attention.


Because these G.I.T.s travel with one group, they’ll get to see a wider view of the camp day and experience all the classes their group participates in.

Activity Support Team (AST)

Camper Support Team (CST)

Leadership Support Team (LST)

AST members lead activities within a Sphere.


For example:

 G.I.T.s assigned to the Movement & Teambuilding Sphere will be helping to support the facilitation of the Sports and Camp Games activities that session.


They’ll review our Big Binder of Camp Games & Sports, discuss with the Director some options for the week, set-up and clean-up the supplies for that day and help coordinate with Tribe Guides how to lead the activity.


G.I.T.s placed in this Team need to feel comfortable having more of a leadership role and some knowledge of the activities within the Sphere they are placed. They will certainly expand and build on these skillsets throughout their summer with us.

LST is for a G.I.T. with a specific interest in the administrative, behind-the-scenes world of Camp.


This G.I.T. will assist the Camp Director with the back-end operations and help out in the Camp Office.


Their day is filled with a wide range of activities- from greeting family members, comforting sick campers, helping to organize supplies, and preparing for special events.



Ready to Do Something AWESOME

This Summer?!?

New Junior Leaders positions

(for 11th & 12th graders, & college students)

These positions are limited and highly competitive. Must be at least 16 years old. 

Prior experience in our GIT program is a huge asset.  Read More & Links to Apply on our JOBS page

Guides-in-Training (G.I.T.s)