Team Leadership Coordinators

Each Campus is led by a Site Director and supported by two Coordinators- Staff and HQ.

Under the guidance of the Executive Director and Site Directors, the Leadership Coordinators support their campus operational team and infuse magic into the camp experience. 

These positions are competitive and intended for highly experienced educators and youth development professionals with strong leadership capacity. 

We also have a Teen Program Leader, which is part Camper Guide, part Coach for our Guides-in-Training program. 


Staff Coordinator

The Staff Coordinator will have experience supervising a team and will help to create a staff culture that is welcoming, warm, fun, and safe for staff to take risks, grow, stretch themselves, learn, and build meaningful relationships with campers and peers. They oversee a large group of Guides- providing observations, feedback, coaching, and support to ensure our camp staff are excelling with campers, families, and in our elective classes. They must have experience with on-the-fly problem solving and attention to detail. 


The Staff Coordinator should also have experience in teaching, group management, or curriculum development to best support our guides in planning and leading activities. With consultation from the Site Director, the Staff Coordinator should be comfortable modeling effective group management strategies, activity leading, and pivoting when activities cannot be continued as planned.


The Staff Coordinator must be:

  • An empathetic leader

  • A problem-solver

  • Energetic and motivating

  • Emotionally intelligent

  • A team player!

  • Well-organized


Staff Coordinator regular hours are 7:45am-3:15pm (with early starts on Mondays, late stays on Thursdays, and as needed) 

Starting $20/hour




HQ Coordinator

The HQ Coordinator is like the Manager of the Camp Office and event operations-- Part Registrar- Part Camper Support.

They create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the Camp Office, communicate with respect and clarity, answer phones, respond to emails, help with registration & charge fees, make copies, organize the snack & lunch orders, and keep the camp office tidy & organized

HQC writes incident reports, handles latecomers & early pick-ups, and can step in to help with camper incidents and injuries as necessary.

The HQ coordinator must have super-strong communication and organizational skills, be adept at systems, checklists, and coordinating with team members to cover every little detail.

They must also provide excellent customer service via phone.

The HQ Coordinator will work closely with other TLC to plan special days and camp events, but will ultimately be responsible for the supplies, organization and execution. ​


An HQ coordinator must be:

  • Highly organized

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Provide clear and kind customer service

  • A planner- able to keep track of many things!

  • Good listener

  • Calm and collected while problem solving

  • Cordial and a good communicator

  • Team player!


HQ Coordinator regular hours are 7:30am-3:15pm  (early start on Mondays, late stay on some Thursdays for staff meetings)




Teen Program Leader

The mentor of our teen support team: Guides-in-Training (7th-10th graders) and Camp Assistants (11th-12th graders).


Our Teen Program Leader will model professionalism and other leadership skills to guide our young leaders to grow.

They will guide GITs and CAs throughout the day, including giving tasks to CAs and GITs based on the needs of campus operations. They will also keep track of inventory and assist with facility maintenance as needed. They may also come up with special projects or challenges for GITs for team-building and jubilee.


Our teen program leader must be a confident, strong leader, with the ability to relate to young people while maintaining authority. They will be supportive, sensitive, and positive, with an attitude that encourages others to grow and come out of their shell—and most of all FUN (and patient). They should have experience with group management, especially with middle and high school aged folks.


A Teen Program Leader must be:

  • Organized, self-starter

  • Good communicator

  • Positive and supportive attitude

  • Able to coach, rather than criticize

  • Patient

  • Team player!


Teen Program Leader regular hours are 7:50am- 3:05pm (early start on Mondays and occasional late stays for staff meetings)

Starting at $18.5