2019 Team Leadership Coordinators (TLC)

OUR 2019 Crew

Goldie Fox

Camp Director

Goldie Fox has been Camp-obsessed since  4. She’s worked with youth for 20 years- from C.I.T. to Social Worker. “Camp Owner” is her fave!

Goldie has an MSW, specializing in Children & Families, from UCLA (undergrad at UCSB). She’s an ACA Certified Camp Director. Woot!

In her free time- when it exists- Goldie can be found having game nights, bakin’ up a storm, catching live music and comedy shows, crafting, and boogying down, whenever possible!


HQ Coordinator (3rd Year)

Bravo moved to LA 6 years ago from SF with her (now husband) so he could pursue his acting career. Bravo live in Hollywood with their 2 pups. Bravo has been teaching since 2006, but took a brief break for her 2nd passion- Fashion! She got a degree in merchandise marketing at FIDM!  But she missed the kids! She is a 7th & 8th grade Social Studies teacher at CWC.

She returns to Wildfolk for her 2nd year, now on the TLC as HQ Coordinator! She looks forward to getting to know the families better and supporting in the Camp Office. 

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Young Folks Coordinator (3rd Year)

Poppy is a cheerful Puerto Rican from the South Bronx, who is still new(ish) to LA.

She loves to try new things, travel, shop, workout and EAT. She spent the last year with City Year LA and looks forward to returning to being with her little kiddos!

Poppy returns to Wildfolk for her 2nd Summer as the Young Folks Coordinator.


Junior Leaders Coordinator (2nd Year)

Moo hails from Brighton England and is coming into her 2nd Summer at Wildfolk! 

 She is first and always an actor, graduating from from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, MoonMouse has been inspiring the young with her craft for four years working for a non profit teaching theatre and confidence building across schools in Los Angeles. When she's not in Stage mode she enjoys enjoys all things USA, baseball, cars and bbq.

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Staff Support Supervisor (2nd Year)

Texas was born and bred in... (you guessed it!) Austin, Texas, and moved to LA last year. She has a BA in French and Education and received her Masters of Education this spring. She taught HS French in Austin and middle school English in Lille, France.

Texas is a giant, lovable nerd and will happily geek out with you about Harry Potter, your rising sign, or your favorite Broadway musical.

Texas returns to Wildfolk as the S3- supporting & guiding our Guides to excellence


Assistant Camp Coordinator (1st Year)

Sparkles grew up in the Bay Area and moved to LA for grad school. She is getting her Master's in School Based Family Counseling at Cal State LA. She interns at LAUSD as a Pupil Services and Attendance Intern with HS & MS students.

 She likes to explore LA in her free time; trying out different restaurants and visiting popular attractions. She enjoys the LA weather and loves to go to the beach. She wants to eventually travel more often and experience different parts of the world.The top three places she wants to visit are Hawaii, Japan, and the Dominican Republic. Sparkles loves being active and enjoys playing sports (basketball and volleyball are my favorite), hiking, and dancing.

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So much more than just your typical Camp Counselors,

our Guides are our camper protectors, fun initiators, growth mindset promoters, and deeper learning facilitators.

They are constantly guiding our camper’s experience, while holding space for the camper’s ideas and influence.


Guides typically have backgrounds in child development, education, sociology, psychology, theater arts, etc.

Rocket (4th year)


Rocket’s life has been a traveling tale- fine art studies in Oklahoma, music studies in Florida, a brief stint in Austin, and Colorado- before finally making his voyage back to Los Angeles, to pursue his degree in Education. During the school year, he works in early childhood education. Rocket is grateful for his travels, as they have given him a wealth of experience and perspective to share with his campers!

boba (2nd year)


Boba was born and raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Boba has always been passionate about education and working with kids. She attended the University of California at Davis during her undergrad. She now teaches 8th graders at Larchmont Charter School. She loves doing hands-on activities such as arts and crafts, paper mache, and painting. On her freetime, she loves to listen to music and build Star Wars lego sets. Boba is looking forward to meeting the new campers and have fun!

waffle (1st year)


Waffle is orignally from Sacramento. She has a BA in Film and Digital Media at UCSC and is now working on getting her teaching credential at Cal State LA. Waffle is looking forward to bringing her creative perspective into the classroom. When she's not in class she can be found teaching at Huntington learning center or enjoying the sunshine at the beach.

zippy (1st year)


Zippy was born and raised in LA. Growing up, her family encouraged her to be creative and curious and took her on many camping trips. She performed in many plays and musicals and went on to major in Theater at UCLA.  After graduating, she worked at Warner Ave Elem School as a Teacher's Aide in a 1st grade classroom and now works in Entertainment.

Zippy is passionate about theater and comedy and enjoys reading, dancing, swimming, and cooking/baking.

Queenie (1st year)


Queenie grew up and stillresides in the sunny SoCal. One of her greatest passions in life is teaching, inspiring, and having fun with the younger generations. She has an extensive background of working with children (ages 0-18). In 2013, she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at UCR and in 2018, she received her Masters in Teaching. At the moment, she is pursuing the final requirements needed to complete her California Teaching Credential with the hopes of teaching Kindergarten.

skippy (1st year)


Skippy comes from a small town in the state of Maine called Mexico.   While Skippy was attending college the opportunity of a lifetime fell into his lap in the form of a record deal. Which of course he grabbed with two hands and held on tight, and boy what an amazing experience it was!

 Skippy has spent the past 5 ski seasons as a ski instructor and as a camp counselor in NY.  

Yogi (1st year)


Yogi is an L.A. Native who enjoys making music and teaching youth. Currently, he is attending CSUN for his BS in Psychology. During the week, Yogi works for a charter school as an Art instructor and B.I.I. He also works for a Non-Profit Organzition as a music production Facilitator.

When he isn't teaching music  workshops, he's working on his art.

Overall, he's excited to start this camp journey with everyone at Camp Wildfolk !

Red (3rd year)

Wildbunch PM

Red is a teacher from Southern California. She has been working in education for two-years and loves integrating the growth mindset, empathetic communication, and music into her classroom. Before starting her career in education, she graduated from Chapman University, with a degree in Advertising. When she's not teaching, Red enjoys comedy, music, and spending time with her dog Waffles.

Pinky (2nd year)

Camp Assistant

Rocket’s life has been a traveling tale- fine art studies in Oklahoma, music studies in Florida, a brief stint in Austin, and Colorado- before finally making his voyage back to Los Angeles, to pursue his degree in Education. During the school year, he works in early childhood education. Rocket is grateful for his travels, as they have given him a wealth of experience and perspective to share with his campers!

duckie (1st year)


Duckie is from Southeast Los Angeles and has gone to school for English at UCLA. They work as an afterschool instructor during the day and write love poems during the night. They appreciate glitter, flowers, and animals and loves to be at the beach with friends.

ryu (1st year)


Ryu is from the Bay Area.  He attended San Francisco State University, where he received his bachelors in Music Composition (Jazz piano major).

After graduating college in 2013, Ryu moved down to LA to pursue his music career. During these past several years Ryu has formed an urban pop band with some close friends and has held several positions working with children who have special needs. Ryu plans to release various musical projects with his band this summer and is looking forward to a wild time at camp!

Churro (1st year)


Churro needs some new friends!

Will it be you? Churro just moved to LA from Nashville, Tennessee

Churro has spent years in production and entertainment and is excited to bring her wild energy & passion to the camp world. 

memphis (1st year)


Memphis grew up in Memphis, TN and moved to LA in 2017 in pursuit of an acting/ production path. Memphis is aspiring to teach for LAUSD and is currently a long term sub.

In his free time, Memphis enjoys sushi, hiking, and all kinds of professional development. 

He is thrilled to be joining the Wildfolk family this Summer!

Glowworm (2nd year)


Glowworm grew up in the Bay Area/Sacramento. He moved down to Los Angeles early 2017 to start substitute teaching and be immersed in a vibrant music scene. Eventually his substitute teaching assingments led him to a job at a great elementary school in Koreatown. In his free time he loves performing, writing, and recording his original music. His favorite place to road trip to is Big Sur, California.

Star (2nd year)


Star is from LA and is currently in HS at Larchmont Charter. Star runs track and cross country. Star is french and speaks the language fluently. Star was one of the first ever Jr. Guides at Wildfolk and is looking forward to returning to the campers. She enjoys working with kids and being around their positive energy. 

marimar (1st year)


Marimar is born and raised in Los Angeles and studied Studio Art and Education up north at Humboldt state. When she's not teaching she's testing out different mediums and working on her art. On the weekends can be found gaming online, hiking a trail with her giant goofy goldendoodle, or trying out new foods with friends.

firecracker (1st year)


Firecracker is a 4'10" ball of energy who was raised with LA Love. When she is not hustling to become an "Edutainer" at CSULA, or sipping on boba drinks in the 626 area, she is most likely going on photoshoot adventures or volunteering for her community. Her personal pursuits include physical activities (bouldering, hiking, running around Disneyland), arts & crafts (upcycling, gift-making, etc), and skill building (graphic design, photography, face painting, etc). She is full of enthusiasm as she starts her  journey at Wildfolk for the first time. 

Sunflower (1st year)


Sunflower was born and raised in Sunny Socal. Currently, sunflower resides in Los Angeles and is graduating with her Masters in School Counseling and Marriage Family Therapy in May. Sunflower’s dream job is to become a mental health counselor in a school. When Sunflower is not burying her head in the books at Cal State LA, Sunflower likes to be outdoors, go to concerts, travel to new places and eat lots of yummy food.

birdie (1st year)

jr. Guide

Birdie grew up in San Fransisco and moved to Los Angeles during her first year of high school. She now attends Colorado College in Colorado Springs as an English major. Birdie is passionate about getting outside, expressing herself through art of all types, writing and sharing her love of it with others--as she taught elementary school students how to express themselves through writing while she was in high school. She is so excited to be a part of the Wild Folk family!

squid (1st year)

camp assistant

Squid is a Los Angeles native and recent HS graduate. She has interned with the Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts and was a GIT with Camp Wildfolk in the past.

She is super excited to be back as a camp assistant! Squid is passionate about musical theatre, escape rooms, and a reading a good book. Also, she can totally tell you where to find the best vegan ice cream in LA.


TAX ID: 81-1113444

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