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Summer 2020

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Frequently asked questions

Why did you decide to close in-person Camp Wildfolk this Summer?

After monitoring developments with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, we've examined countless possible scenarios for ways to run programming. We've weighed out opinions from the CDC, LA County Dept of Public Health, American Camp Association, our host sites, and internal safety task force. We continued to ask, "can we keep everyone safe." And the answer just isn't known at this time. The health and well-being of our camp community- campers, families, and staff- is the single most important thing and we aren't willing to risk it.

If guidelines change later this Summer, will you reconsider?

We will continue to monitor the news for safety guidelines. We are very open to creating "pop-up" camps or being creative with programming if the restrictions shift and it is safe to do so.

What happens to my payment for Summer 2020?

Firstly, just want to shed a light on how seasonal businesses work. Similar to a wedding, camp is a 9-week event that takes 9+ months to prep and plan for. There are lots of moving parts to oversee and manage to ensure that we provide an intentional, safe, and meaningful experience for the 120(ish) campers we see each week. We're a small business and we keep our year-round expenses super-lean. But typically the registrations that come in from Jan-May are stretched to cover expenses and staff salaries for the entire year. We offer payment plans and the majority of our families have only paid 1-2 installments (no Summer payments have been processed since March 14th), so your full balance was likely not paid. Any unpaid installment payments are automatically cancelled. Offering credits or refunds still leaves all the work we've done in preparing for your kids to come to camp this summer, unpaid. It's a big loss. It's messy. We all lose. With in-person camp suspended, Wildfolk payments will automatically become credits on your Wildfolk account- which can be applied to any future season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Virtual Camp, and any other pop-up events we host in the future). If you're able to, we'd love it to stay a credit. You don't need to do anything for that to happen. If you're experiencing financial hardship and request a refund, you'll need to complete this survey by May 20, 2020 The form includes all the additional details re: refunds. If you're doing okay, a small gift/donation of some part of your payment would be super-appreciated- to go toward the already accrued operation expenses for preparing for your kids to attend camp this summer and our campership funds that offer financial aid to families for virtual summer camp. To donate a portion of your payment, please fill-out this survey. If you want to do some combination of credit, refund, or gift, you'll use the above survey. Whatever option you choose for your payment, we appreciate that you registered your child for Camp Wildfolk this summer and hope we get to spend time with them in person soon!

Do you have other programs available this Summer?

We are working with our staff in creating an amazing Virtual Summer Camp program, but will need to have feedback and interest from families in order to run it. We'll be emailing our mailing list a video with more information about what that looks like and an interest survey very soon.

How can I support my camper with news about camp?

Goldie Fox (our camp owner) created a video message directly to them...

Will Wildfolk survive without in-person summer camp?

Yes! We are fighting hard to maintain our business and ensure that we are creating space for kids to make magical memories for years to come. However, this will have fiscal implications for us as a business for the next few years. Credits help us in the short-term, but ultimately lower our revenue in the coming year. We know some families will be devastated by the effects and unable to send their campers to camp in the same way they have in the past, so revenue will be impacted for future seasons. With the support of our generous camp families, Wildfolk will work tirelessly to weather this storm and come out on the other side- even more ready to serve our campers, families, and staff. We've already got our eye on Thanksgiving camp, Winter Camp, and any/all other school breaks! We'll be getting wild together soon!!

How Can I Help Wildfolk?

Thank you for your gracious support now and always. As a small, woman-owned business, we've been truly carried by our amazing families since starting 5 years ago. Register for future camps... If we're able to get enough interest, we're going to put together an amazing virtual camp program that does what Wildfolk does best- helps kids get connected and feel part of a community. It won't be like distance learning. It won't be 30 kids with a teacher spouting things off. It'll be projects. It'll be small groups. It'll be fun, interactive games and activities that gets kids connected and moving around. It'll be creative and hands-on. Spread the Word If we do decide to run virtual programs, please share about it far & wide.. we'll need to expand beyond our alumni families to make it sustainable. Consider Gifting/Donating some of your payment... As previously mentioned, our revenue from registrations in Jan-May is typically stretched to cover our expenses and staff salaries for the year. Without that revenue, all the work we've done to prepare for this Summer goes unpaid and all the work we'll do to survive this will too. We keep our expenses lean, but it's a much larger number than the money we took in from Jan-Feb (before we stopped accepting payments). Thank you for wanting to help. If you have some other idea for how to help, we're open & humbled.

Please check back soon for more info/survey on other camp programming