*  Intentional & Uplifting  *  Respectful of the Whole-Child  *

* Supports Development of a Growth Mindset  *  

*  Heart Centered (Social-Emotional Learning)  *  Project-Based Learning *

*  Puts Campers First  *


We are a Project-Based Learning camp. We're about process over product.

We love open-ended activities, where camper’s ideas and expression takes the lead. Our camp day is hands-on, messy, camper-centered, guided from the side,

and encourages camper voice and choice, whenever possible.


 During our 5 Activity Periods of the day, 

all campers go to a 45 minute class within each Sphere of Learning

(the final period of the Camp Day is an All-Camp activity).




The world is starting to catch onto the magic of PBL.

At Camp Wildfolk, we know that summer camp is the perfect space to expand on learning in a fun way that honors the joy and freedom of summer!


In PBL, campers actively explore, are engaged in their learning, and are 

 inspired to dig deeper into topics that interest them.


At the heart of PBL is an extended project,

which involves designing and creating a product, performance, or event.


Every two-week Session, campers are presented with a fun and unique open-ended topic. The campers choose how to explore the topic and what aspect they want to focus on. 


Each Tribe works collaboratively in smaller groups to work toward a culmination of the event. Our Tribe Guides, help facilitate and steer the group towards areas of consideration.



focus on open-ended task

camper voice & Choice

Staff guide from the side

authentic applications of  content & Skills

Prepare for Desired Difficulties

emphasize inddependence & inquiry


build 21st century skills

allows for more depth &

is more multifaceted 

Based on the brilliant work of Dr. Carol Dweck, a leading researcher at Stanford studying motivation and fostering success, we are so very passionate about developing a GROWTH Mindset. 


Now you may be asking yourself:

What exactly is a growth mindset and why do we want to develop one?


Your mindset is your self-perception, what you believe to be true of yourself.


Mindset has a profound effect on learning, relationships, skill acquisition, professional success,

and so many other areas of ones life. 


A "growth mindset" is the belief that intelligence can be learned. Natural ability isn't as important as hard work and effort. When encountering failure, folks with a growth mindset are determined to keep at it, try harder, and give it another try. They are resilient in the face of setbacks or challenges. 



Folks with a “fixed” mindset, or a belief that they are naturally good at things, tend to try less, avoid failure, and breakdown when they hit challenges. When something gets hard, or they don't have a natural affinity towards a subject, they tend to just stop and avoid doing it again. 




Intentional acknowledgement

inform campers of importance of growth mindset

How We Develop Growth Mindset at Camp Wildfolk

our langauge choices

show campers how to improve


Child-Directed play is what evolves when children are given the freedom and space

to choose what to play and make their own rules for how to play.


Children are experts in their own play.


When adults stay out of their way, campers are more likely to solve issues collaboratively and have authentic fun for the sake of it, not to please anyone else.


At Camp, we dedicate special time each day to give campers permission to simply “go play.”


This doesn’t mean our staff never leads activities or play.

We understand some children need encouragement to warm up and put themselves out there.

Our staff are there to support them and there are many parts of the day

when our Staff will explicitly lead play.


During our camper-directed play time,

our staff supports campers by supervising for safety and following their lead.

When invited, we play along!

We support their play without taking over.


role-model it always

focus on the process

I    Am...






  • I consider how my actions will affect others.

  • I build on others strengths and know I have  a lot to offer

  • I seek out meaningful  relationships with my community

  • I mindfully open my heart to understand myself

  • I let my unique ideas shine

  • I express myself authentically and with joy

  • I engage with the world from a space of wonder and interest.

  • I seek to understand others viewpoints and perspectives

  • I am worthy and enough.

  • I treat myself and others with loving kindness.



  • I appreciate and respect others ideas and contributions

  • I "Yes! And.." others ideas

  • I can improve with effort and determination.

  • I overcome challenges with resilience and grit.