Our Staff is the numero uno most important aspect to what makes our Camp,

(well, we’re just going to go on and brag here)



We are meticulous at finding you shiny, joyful, warm, inspired, kooky, creative, intelligent, responsible, mindful human beings.


We're after the folks who are oozing with passion for working with children in a respectful and uplifting way.

They are WILD for it.



We are looking to hire out-of-this-world  human beings to join the Wildfolk tribe... Interested in creating some magic with us?



 Find where you belong…

(FYI: we are a DAY  CAMP- no room/board provided)

Top 5 Reasons to Work at Wildfolk


Camp folks in general tend to be a special bunch of folks, and here at Camp Wildfolk, our unique love and celebration for all things Wild tends to make us an extra-special, rag-tag team of soul-shakers.


Working at Wildfolk means you’re joining a tribe of like-minded individuals with similar passions. We all might come from different backgrounds, cultures, and educational framework, but we’re united in our love of inspiring and being inspired.


Our community is there for one another- we celebrate our wins, build ideas off our failures, and hold and support each other in maintaining a high-level of positivity and awesomeness!


 If you’re looking to form a deep, meaningful connection with children, your peers, and yourself- what better place then camp?

You know the unbelievable benefits that camp provides for children..

News Alert!

- It can be the same powerful agent of change for you, too! Woo-hoo!

Professional Development

We put so much thought and love into executing a super meaningful staff training that get our staff feeling incredibly prepared and confident in taking on the best summer of their lives!


In addition to our pre-camp trainings, we provide ongoing professional development throughout the summer, to keep staff growing and working toward their individual and collective goals.


This is by no means an “easy summer gig.” If that’s what you were hoping for, find the “X” and abort mission!


Days will be long, hot (this is LA!) and often challenging. To be truly present with children can be mentally exhausting. We ask a lot from our staff, and we give a lot in return.


We work with staff to co-plan staff outings and happenings that help bond, relax, and restore your vibrancy and enthusiasm for the work. This  includes staff meals, potlucks, sporting events, weekend picnics, community goin’ ons, and the true highlight:

 our End-o’-Summer Retreat Celebration!!


And we suppose you’re not just here out of the goodness of your heart, huh? While camp is certainly not going to make you rich (financially, anyway), we pay our youth development pros more than most other camps.

Tribe Guides start at $13.25- $15/hour (depending on educational background & experience)


Like a traditional Camp Counselor- but so.much.better! Guides are truly the backbone of Camp. It's a dual role of some traditional "Camp Counselor" stuff and Activity Leading. Our staff share that they love this because it allows them to be creative and take ownership over a part of camp. 

Guides, during Winter & Spring Mini-Camps lead "activity hubs"-- an area of interest/expertise, such as sports, filmmaking, makerspace, arts & crafts, etc. 

Regular Guide Hours are 8:15am-3:15pm (with some additional hours for staff meetings). Optional additional hours for Extended Day program. 

Starting pay is $13.25-$15.00/hour

Tribe Upliftment & Wildbunch PM Coordinator

The Tribe Upliftment & Wildbunch PM Coordinator is a hybrid role of camp spirit guru and responsibility master. This is a great role for someone with a lot of camp experience- who already has a knowledge and comfort with classic camp songs, games, and traditions.


Tribe Upliftment: Lead our morning ceremony (camp songs, skits, create new traditions), Plan and lead All-Camp Games, Plan & Delegate “Festival”, infuse the day with spirit and fun!, do campus checks for any areas that need support, cleaning, etc.

WildBunch PM: Supervise our extended day program (check-in, snack, playground supervision, co-plan engaging activities with other WildBunch staff, communicate with caregivers at pick-up, oversee roster, communicate with Director in case of emergency, close campus)

TUWC regular hours are 8:45am-5:45pm (with occasional early start Monday meetings). It is a salaried position, commiserating with education and experience (starting range $15- 16/hr)

Assistant Camp Leadership Coordinator

The ACLC has their hand in everything- supervising staff, assisting caregivers with concerns, and supporting campers along the way. 

The ACLC works alongside the Assistant Camp Director to support the Camp Director in the overall operation of Camp. This individual must have years of experience supervising staff.

Camper Support: help create an atmosphere where campers feel safe, infuse spirit and fun, and assist with conflicts.

Staff Support: Help create a staff culture that is welcoming, warm, fun, and safe for staff to take risks, grow, stretch themselves, learn, and build meaningful relationships with campers and peers. Assist in supervision and coaching.


Parent Support: Proactively communicate with Caregivers about concerns, keep them informed, and help nurture community.

ACLC regular hours are 8:00am-3:30pm (Thursday late stay until 4:00pm for Staff Meeting)

It is a salaried position (starting $15-$17/hr, commiserating with education & experience)