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Destiny R.

Assistant Program Coordinator


“Camp embodies the wonderment and joy that makes childhood so special. It's a place for adventure, trying new things, and pushing the boundaries that help us grow and build lifelong friendships. As a kid, it was difficult for me to ‘come out of my shell’, so I see camp as that constant encouragement to leave your shell, be silly and try new things without any fear of judgment or failure.”

Poppy is a cheerful, loving Camp Wildfolk All-Star. After earning a BA in Early Childhood Education in Boston she headed to Florida, where she spent a few years as the lead teacher at a preschool. 


In 2017, Poppy ventured to LA where she spent her 1st summer at Camp Wildfolk as Jitterbug Guide. She loved everything about Camp- so much so that she made the move to LA permanent. In addition to camp, she went through the City Year program, has been a Nanny for many Wildfolk families during the school year, and has returned to Wildfolk for the last 6 years.


During the Summer, Poppy is the Site Coordinator at Wildfolk Valley and is delighted to be on the Yearround HQ Team- helping to shape and plan for amazing experiences.  

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