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Year-Round HQ Team

“Camp Wildfolk is amazing. You have the big vision down and continue to hone in so carefully on the details. I see it, and it’s great! Thank you for putting your heart, soul and brain into this. You and your team have built something very special and you should be so proud.”
- Julia F

Year-round Office coordinator

Camp Owner & Exec. Director

Year-round Staff coordinator

Cassie is the voice behind our outward communications-  mailing list emails, instagram, & The Wildfolk Weekly.

During the Summer, you may catch glimpses of her as she bounces between supervising both campuses. 

 Get to Know Cassie

If you email or call our office during the year, you'll most likely chat with Moses

This Summer, he'll be joining Wildfolk WeHo as Site Director.

If you're a returning family, you already know & love Poppy.

She is part-time on the year-round squad and is taking the lead on programming and staff support.

Get to know Poppy

Meet Our HQ Team

Prior to 2021, our HQ Team at Wildfolk was an overwhelmed team of ONE! With the expansion to our Valley campus, Cassie was finally able to bring in some support to the year-round crew in the Fall of 2021


The famous, most-asked question for every year-round camp professional: "But what do you do the rest of the year?"

Imagine all the work that goes into planning a one-day wedding and expand that to ten weeks and then add in children and hundreds of parents reaching out months ahead of each camp program. 

Our HQ Team are the behind-the-scenes magic-makers that spends non-camp time planning for every detail of camp so that once camp starts, our staff, campers, and families can fully enjoy.

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