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Wildfolk Classic


More Details...

Two-Week Sessions

Two main reasons: acclimation and scaffolding

In our experience, most campers initially take time to warm-up to camp. This gives campers and staff an opportunity to acclimate, nurture connection, and discover ease and joy within the camp flow. 

Plus, as a project-based camp, we scaffold/build on our activities so that campers collaborate and invest in a project over the two-weeks. 

Camper Teams

Campers are placed in grade-level, homebase Teams

You will be emailed the weekend prior to camp with your child's Team assignment and Guides. Teams are typically 12-18 campers, increasing with age, with 2 Guides and one GIT. We keep intentionally small ratios to provide emotional support and be truly present to our kids. 


We maintain at least a 6:1 ratio with Kinders (often smaller).

 We scale up by grade, with 10:1 being the max for our tweens. 

A Balanced Day

Wildfolk Classic is designed for campers to have a balanced experience..

Some other camps are drop-in style, with not much structure & or oversight to help campers form connections and build community.

Others are highly structured or specialized to where kids aren't getting variety or options if they don't like the activity their group is assigned to.


We believe Wildfolk offers the best of both worlds...

Homebase & Mixing Up, Structure & Choice, Indoor & Outdoor time, Active & Mellow time, Collaborative & Independent play, Guided/Focused & Explorative activities, High-tech & Cardboard, Comfort & Courage, etc



Kids shape their Wildfolk experience by choosing 3  electives: 

something active, creative, and brainy each day

In our experience, when campers choose their activities because of genuine interest, they are more engaged and find more enjoyment in the camp experience. We always advise against campers choosing electives just to be with friends if it isn't what they're most excited about.


We can help kids make friends in any activity- this is an opportunity to be courageous and take healthy risks, try new activities, or dive deeper into projects with like-minded peers.

Families will be emailed the Elective Packet closer to the start of camp and instructions for submitting the Elective Choice Form. 

Collaborative Team Projects

Campers collaborate all session to create a themed project for the big Jubilee on the last day of the session (think: cardboard carnival or a more spirited science fair)

Our Guides support campers from all steps in the planning process, but campers truly take the lead on brainstorming, choosing roles, problem-solving, designing, producing, and then running the booth 

Old School Campy Fun

We hear from parents a lot that Wildfolk reminds them of the camps they went to as a kid

We infuse a lot of traditions and rituals from camps our staff attended as kids...Morning Ceremony with camp songs & team challenges, a huge Water Day that feels like backyard Hurricane Harbor, huge camp games played with the entire camp, themed Funky FriYAY surprises that encompass the magic of summer, Where's Winston/Winnie Fox, Lip Sync Battles, etc

Sure, we offer 3-D Printing, Video Game Design, Podcasting, but what we find is that more than the activities themselves, it's the vibe at camp that our kids love. A chance to immerse in play with other kids into the same things as them. And our Guides are pretty special, too. 

 They guide from the side-- no intense step-by-step lessons. This is a space to explore together. We want to empower kids to find the tools to help themselves and each other. 

Camp Wildfolk is what childhood summer joy should feel like- wild & free!

Messy Makers
Wildstock 2019
Wildfolk WeHo
Water Day Games
Wildfolk Valley
Girls in Tech
Wildfolk Way

What Folks Are Sayin...

Julia F.

She is grounded and happy when she is with you and your team and it’s just so nice to see her relax and have real fun!”

Both my kids have attended Camp Wildfolk since its inception and absolutely love it. Wildfolk provides so many options that the kids can choose from. The counselors are fantastic and each day is jam packed with fun activities. I highly recommend if you are looking for a fun and "wild" day camp.

“I’m happy to tell you that Flynn is having “the most fun I’ve ever had at a camp,” at Wildfolk!"

Katie N.

Bruce M. 

"Wildfolk gives my kiddos a taste of what it was like when we were growing up - in all the good ways.”
- Jeff W
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