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Camp Programs

Wildfolk Free-Range

“I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful week of camp! My sons LOVED it, and they have never liked any other camp before! LOL!” - Alex M


More Details...

One-Week Sessions

A Smaller, Simplified Program

 We have more limited staff for these special weeks of camp, so we keep enrollment lower. This smaller camp means a cozier vibe. We still infuse some campy fun, but it doesn't have all the bells & whistles of our Wildfolk Classic program. 

Camper Teams

Campers are placed in grade-level Homebase Teams

You'll be emailed the weekend prior to camp with your child's Team assignment and Guides. Teams are typically 12-18 campers (increasing ratio with age), with 2 Guides and sometimes a GIT. We keep intentionally small ratios to provide emotional support to campers and be truly present with our kids. 

We maintain a 6:1 ratio with Kinders (sometimes smaller). We scale up for older kids, with 10:1 being the max for tweens. 


 Activity Hubs

During Winter, Spring, & some Summer weeks we only have a short time together, so we give the kids what they really want-- free-range at camp! 

 Instead of Electives, we provide simpler Activity Hubs-- areas with a few activity options under our Guides supervision. 

It's less project-focused and more explorative.

At Tinker Hub, for example, we set-up high-end robotics stations, STEM challenges, and legos & tinker toys that campers can rotate through. 

Old School Campy Fun

We hear from parents a lot that Wildfolk reminds them of the camps they went to as a kid

We infuse a lot of traditions and rituals from camps our staff attended as kids...Morning Ceremony with camp songs & team challenges, a huge Water Day that feels like backyard Hurricane Harbor, huge camp games played with the entire camp, themed Funky FriYAY surprises that encompass the magic of summer, Where's Winston/Winnie Fox, Lip Sync Battles, etc

Camp Wildfolk is what childhood summer joy should feel like- wild & free!

WeHo Water Day
Wildfolk Valley
Young Folks Art
Fantasy Jubilee

What People Say...

Lisa K.

My kids all LOVED Wildfolk.  The counselors were fabulous and the activities were great.  Each of my kids came home at the end of each day (and the end of the summer) raving about what they had done.  It has a small, homey feel and the kids really feel like they have ownership over the activities and it is truly focused on them and their needs.  I highly recommend it.

I just wanted to say I really really appreciate everything you’re doing to keep the kids safe, we’re so grateful that you’re taking covid so seriously, it’s given us the confidence to keep the boys in camp, and they’re having such a great time.

Karen H. 

 I was a little nervous cause they aren’t always the easiest with transitions, but they absolutely loved it from the first day!! The counselors were so engaging and warm, and every day they were so excited to share all the fun things they’d done that day. Totally takes away all my guilt about working during the holidays this year!

Laura S.

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