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The Wildfolk Way

“If you want a loving, fun, and educational experience for your child, Camp Wildfolk is the right choice for your family. They hire incredible staff that really care about each child. Our daughter blossomed at Camp Wildfolk, learning how to be more patient, creative, and open to imperfection in her work, particularly her artwork. You and your child will be so happy you found Camp Wildfolk”
- Eli L

What Folks Are Sayin...

Julia F.

She is grounded and happy when she is with you and your team and it’s just so nice to see her relax and have real fun!”

Lisa K.

My kids all LOVED Wildfolk.  The counselors were fabulous and the activities were great.  Each of my kids came home at the end of each day (and the end of the summer) raving about what they had done.  It has a small, homey feel and the kids really feel like they have ownership over the activities and it is truly focused on them and their needs.  I highly recommend it

Erica C.

The counselors really made a beautiful impression on my children, and I'm grateful for the warm and friendly atmosphere that kept them safe, happy, and having the summer camp experience I'd hoped for them

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