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Food Options

Snack, Lunch, & Specialty

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Wildfolk WeHo & Valley


Order through Family Portal

Our optional Lunch Service options DO NOT include a seperate snack to have during the earlier snack period.

Families who order Lunch need to pack snack or order Snack Bar. 

Some families who pack their own snack still like to order Snack Bar, too. 



Snack Bar is $20/week



Wildfolk Valley Only


Kosher Restrictions at Valley

Our Valley camp is hosted at a synagogue that requires any PACKED food be Kosher Vegetarian. 

They permit campers to pack dairy, eggs, tofu, and non-shellfish fish like tuna and salmon. 


We are grateful to have partnered with Andres Kosher this Summer to provide lunch service that includes Kosher meat through a kid-loved menu. 


Order Snack Separately

Snack & Lunch are ordered separately.  If your child is attending Wildfolk Valley and you don't want to pack any food, please be sure to order BOTH Lunch Service AND Snack Bar! 

Order through Family Portal

Andres Kitchen lunches are ordered through Camp Wildfolk. 

In the Family Portal, you can add the lunch option to any session your child is attending.


Please note: the menu is set & repeats each week. If your camper is attending a two-week session, the lunch order will be for both weeks. 

There isn't a way to substitute foods or pay for only some days. 



Small: $55/week    Large: $65/week

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Wildfolk WeHo Only


Organic Kids LA

At Wildfolk West Hollywood, we are partnered with Organic Kids LA (OKLA) to distribute their delicious lunches (optional).

Lunch is ordered DIRECTLY through their website. We just distribute what they deliver to the campers on the list! 


Order Snack Separately

OKLA DOES NOT include a snack for our earlier snack period (it doesn't arrive in time). Please either pack snack or order Wildfolk Snack Bar.


Order through OKLA website

Order directly through OKLA

You create an account on their website. Choose Camp Wildfolk as the "school" and OKLA gives you many ordering options. 

Each day, OKLA delivers the lunches just before our lunch period and our staff sort them and ensure they get delivered to campers. 



Please check OKLA  for pricing

Food FAQ

Do you have a fridge or microwave for my child's lunch? 

We are not able to refrigerate or microwave any campers packed food. 


Do you provide food to campers?

On Fridays, we typically have a surprise food treat. We include the treat in "The Wildfolk Weekly" email that goes out to families before each session. If your child has a food allergy or sensitivity, you are always welcome to provide an alternative treat. 

Do you allow peanuts? 

We request NO PEANUTS be brought to camp. 

If you bring a food item with another nut, we kindly request you include a note specifying the type of nut/seed. This helps us protect campers with nut allergies. 

While we do permit other nuts, we do on occasion have a camper with a more serious nut allergy. In those instances, we will typically email the family in that group and request they not bring nuts to camp that week, out of an abundance of caution. 

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