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Junior Leader Positions

Junior Leader positions are intended for High School (11th & 12th graders) and College Students, as well as recent College graduates. There are limited positions available and they are competitive.

Regular Junior Leader hours are 8:05am- 3:05pm



Jr. Guide

Jr. Guides have a similar role to our Camp Guides in that they support a camper group (team) and electives. They might even lead an elective! 

They differ from Camp Guides in a few key ways:

1. They have less prior experience leading a group and therefore we anticipate will need more coaching and supervision

2. They don't typically carry the responsibility of communicating with Parent/Guardians


Special Aspects of the Position

They are often given the role of "Floater".. which means they won't be assigned to one group consistently for the Summer, but instead might fill gaps with different Teams. This takes a flexible and well-rounded individual that can work with a variety of different age groups and get along with all the Guides, too. 

Jr. Guides will preferably have some experience in a childcare setting, but not necessarily classroom or teaching. Becoming a Jr guide is a great way to gain more experience working with youth.


High School Students start at $16.25 for a learners period

College Students & Recent Grads- $17.00



Camp Assistant (C.A.)

C.A.s are the behind-the-scenes magic-makers at Camp.


They do not typically work directly with campers, but instead help in supporting the overall camp program and operations.


As a Camp Assistant, your primary role will be in assisting with activity prep and  camp office support.

C.A.s will get prep sheets from Camp Guides with instructions for materials to collect, set-out, and prepare to help them with their Electives. They might spend  their day cutting art supplies, inflating toys for Water Day,  sorting camp t-shirts, organizing the supply room, or supporting the Leadership Coordinators with preparing for Funky FriYAY. 

Positions Available:  2 at Valley campus only

WeHo: these positions have been filled for Summer 2023

High School Students start at $16.25/hour (learning rate)

College Students & Recent Grads- $17.00/hour

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