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Registration Policies

Spring 2024

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A word from our Owner...

More than ever before, we understand that Caregivers want flexibility when signing up for camp.
Travel plans change. Kids get sick- all the time. Early childhood regressions happen and a child that was potty proficient last week suddenly isn't having it. Wet get it. 

We also have to plan in advance for a safe, quality program. We keep limited spots per team to ensure compassionate, present care to our campers. We overstaff to make sure we have enough staff for safe supervision ratios, even if staff call out. 

Simply put, from the moment your child registers, we incur costs from their enrollment. When a camper doesn't show up, their space was held and was planned for- with other campers potentially turned away from registering due to that space being filled. 

Being part of a compassionate business means finding a balance between these needs.

This year, we're easing our cancellation policies into something we believe to be reasonable for both parents and our business. You can view the non-refundable fees in the Registration Policies for the camp you're signing up.

Beyond that, which is automatically offered, if you want more peace-of-mind, we're offering a new "Any Time" Camp Protection Plan (an even more flexible variation of the camper illness protection we offered last year). It's totally optional. Just for those folks who always ask for some "insurance" - here's our version. 

I greatly appreciate all the kindness and support we've received from our families over these years and am delighted to be able to provide a safe, joyful community for our kids each year. 

Stay Wild,
Cassie "Goldie Fox" Young
Camp Owner + Executive Director


Summer 2024

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