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Adventure Travel Camp: FAQ


Q: How do you get to destinations?
A: We use a private school bus company (I've been using the same company for 10+ years and appreciate their respectful, responsible, and safe drivers. The buses have seatbelts and are insured. 

Q: What safety protocols do you take for field trips? 
A: I've been doing this a LONG time- 23 years- and always kept campers safe. There are certain procedures that are second nature to me that I've trained my staff to do, too. 

  • Campers wear a wristband all week with my phone my phone number

  • Campers are linked with a "buddy" each day (they're never alone)

  • Campers do line-up headcount countdowns before moving to any new area/ride

  • Upon arrival at each venue, we walk campers to a recognizable "in case of emergency" spot and explain in the very unlikely event they get separated, they should ask a worker to help them find that place and our staff will be there. 

  • Campers are always escorted to restroom and if a multi-stall, our staff will stand at the doorway (they do not stay inside single-stalls, but will wait directly outside). 

  • For most of the smaller venues our group stays together

  • We bring extra staff for Knotts to keep even smaller ratios

Q: My child doesn't enjoy big thrill rides- will they enjoy Knotts? 
A:  We intentionally choose our trips for their inclusivity. The reason we love Knotts is because of their "Camp Snoopy" area, which has low & medium thrill rides that even our older campers really enjoy. 
Early in the week, we ask campers which Thrill Group they want to join for the Knotts trip: Chill Thrills or Big Thrills.
Big Thrills is typically a small group, that prioritizes a few of the big-ticket rides, while Chill Thrill stays mostly in Camp Snoopy. After lunch, if there is a smaller subset of Chill Thrills that want to do 1-2 medium rides outside of Camp Snoopy, they branch off it with their Guide. 

Q: Is my child too young? 
A: Campers Kinder and up will have a blast. We intentionally choose trips that a wide range of ages can enjoy.

Have other questions or concerns? 

Email or Call Us! We're happy to help! 

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