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Team Leadership Coordinators


Team Leadership Coordinators


An HQ coordinator must be:

  • Highly organized

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Tech savvy and a fast learner

  • Provide clear and kind customer service

  • A planner- able to keep track of many things!

  • Strong written communication skills (for emails to families)

  • Calm and collected while problem solving

  • At least 23 years of age

HQ Coordinator

The HQ Coordinator is in essence, the Manager of the Camp Office. They create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the Camp Office, communicate with respect and clarity, answer phones, respond to emails, help with registration, make copies, and keep the camp office tidy & organized. They should excel at warm, professional customer service. They need a strong attention to detail. 

HQC interacts with families to navigate late arrivals and early pick-ups

The HQC provides basic first aid and emotional support to injured and sick campers. These responsibilities are limited to applying bandages, cleaning wounds, providing basic treatment (ice packs, elevate limb, locating medicine provided by family, etc.) , assessing the severity of an injury, and helping a camper deal with the emotions that accompany injuries and illnesses. 

The HQC also manages digital media on the camp laptop: uploads camp photos, videos, and digital projects in a timely manner to be sent to the Executive Director for sharing with families.

The HQ coordinator must have super-strong communication and organizational skills, be adept at systems, checklists, and coordinating with team members to cover every little detail.

All of our Leadership Team roles have specific tasks and responsibilities, but there are a few common TLC traits we are looking for across the board:

  • coaching leadership skills

  • mindful communication skills

  • respectful behavioral management

  • intentional time management

  • guru of patience

  • flexibility champ

  • commitment to joy + silliness

  • leads with their heart

Main Responsibilities:


  • Under the guidance of Executive Director and Site Director, oversee the management of the camp office

  • Proactive, Warm, and Courteous Family Relations, instilling trust, modeling “above and beyond” expectations, and confidence that our staff “see” their kid

  • Keep Office Organized with clear systems, color-coding, labels, and regular sorting and updating throughout the summer

  • Maintain flexibility, critical thinking, and good judgment when assessing the day’s to-dos, delegating and shuffling to re-prioritize as needed

  • Respond to camp office calls and emails in a timely manner with warmth and professionalism

  • Support families with basic registration support

  • Provide camp administrative support including printing, copying, labeling, and sorting

  • Consistent and proactive communication with Site Director of important calls and emails that come in

  • Oversee organization, security, and care for the Team Clipboards, Tech Check-Out, First Aid station, and other stations based in the Camp Office

  • Provide appropriate, thorough First Aid care to campers and staff, as needed, according to First Aid training

  • Oversee digital media including uploading camp photos, videos, and digital projects, sort and delete as needed, according to provided Digital Media training

  • Help coach and support Guides-in-Training and Robot campers that may assist in the Camp Office with special projects (in conjunction with the Teen Program Coordinator)


*this is not inclusive of all responsibilities. There are a number of other specific tasks that will be outlined in more detail during training.

HQ Coordinator regular hours are 7:35am-3:20pm (Mondays 7:05am)

Monday 7:05am- 3:20pm



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