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Team Leadership Coordinators

Team Leadership Coordinators


A Teen Program Coordinator must be:

  • Organized multitasker 

  • Able to easily build rapport with tweens and teens (within professional boundaries)

  • Positive and supportive attitude

  • Humor and silliness

  • Coaching/Mentor skills

  • A team player

  • Knowledgeable of Leadership Development

  • at least 23 years of age

Teen Program Coordinator

The Teen Program Coordinator (TPC) is responsible for the development, coordination, and direction of the Guides-in-Training (GIT) Leadership program (7th-10th graders). On some campuses, the TPC will also oversee Junior Leader employees  (Camp Assistants and Junior Guides). 

The TPC must have the skillsets to both connect with and coach young leaders, as well as excellent time-management and organizational skills to oversee the multiple projects and subtasks that GITs and Junior Leaders support at camp.

The Teen Program Coordinator creates systematic check-ins with Guides and other TLC members that work with the GITs and Junior Leaders, to ensure everything is running smoothly on both sides. They provide coaching to both staff and GITs in an effort to improve the working relationships within all groups. 

The TPC leads Leadership Workshops with the GITs each session, helping to prepare them for possible future roles as Camp Guides. 

This individual must be a confident leader with the ability to relate to young people, while holding the professional line. They are supportive and positive, with an attitude that encourages others to grow and come out of their shell—and most of all FUN (and patient). They should have experience with group management, especially with middle and high school aged folks. 

All of our Leadership Team roles have specific tasks and responsibilities, but there are a few common TLC traits we are looking for across the board:

  • coaching leadership skills

  • mindful communication skills

  • respectful behavioral management

  • intentional time management

  • guru of patience

  • flexibility champ

  • commitment to joy + silliness

  • leads with their heart

Main Responsibilities

  • Lead all GIT training and development workshops including GIT Orientation, GIT Placements each session, Training, Daily GIT Meetings, and Leadership Workshops

  • Create a positive, unified GIT culture with connection and community at the forefront

  • Oversee GIT session schedule, with breakdowns by week and day and all associated tasks

  • Maintain a positive and uplifting attitude, encouraging a growth mindset and space for celebrating mistakes as part of the learning process

  • Coach up GITs (and Junior Leaders, if applicable) to bring out the best in them. 

  • Provide informal and formal observations. Check-in with all parties that work with GITs to ensure things are running smoothly and provide coaching as needed. 

  • Provide training and support to Camp Guides on how best to work with GITs assigned to support them at camp

  • In conjunction with the other TLC responsible, help oversee the GITs (and Junior Leaders) in supporting camp operations including: Snack and Lunch, special events, camp shirt distribution, and other camp office support tasks. 

  • Supervise the special once-a-session field trip (Classic sessions only), ensuring events are safe, timely, and in accordance with Wildfolk standards

  • Coordinate a once-a-session GIT Gratitude Ice Cream Party

  • Initiate other fun traditions and rituals that help foster a fun environment that GITs want to return to year after year 

  • Complete Service Hour forms for teens, if requested by teen, as needed


*this is not inclusive of all responsibilities. There are a number of other specific tasks that will be outlined in more detail during training.


TPC regular hours are 7:50am-3:20pm  (Mondays: 7:20am) ​

Select Staff After-Camp Meetings: 7:30am- 4:00pm


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