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Team Leadership Coordinators

Each Campus is led by a Site Director and supported by Assistant Camp Coordinators, a Staff Coordinator, HQ Coordinator, and a Teen Program Coordinator. 

Under the guidance of the Executive Director and Site Directors, the Leadership Coordinators support their campus operational team and infuse magic into the camp experience. 

These positions are competitive and intended for highly experienced educators and youth development professionals with strong leadership capacity. 

Team Leadership Coordinators


Asst. Camp Coordinator

The Assistant Camp Coordinator (ACC) is the all-star support leader of their camp. They directly support the Site Director and Camp Director. The ACC must be flexible and adaptable, as they’ll be shifting job functions many times throughout the day.

The ACC’s main task for most days is to “float” around camp, achieving three tasks: 

1. Lifeguarding for safety and quality concerns  

2. Being available for any urgent needs that come up during the float 

 3. Taking quality photos, videos, and social media stories that tell the story of Camp WIldfolk 

The ACC is there to be available for all the little things that come up during the camp day. These tasks may be under the regular responsibilities of another TLC staff, but at any particular time, the ACC may be called to step-in to support them or take over the task entirely.


The Assistant Camp Coordinator must be:

  • Proactive

  • A problem-solver

  • A multi-tasker

  • Flexible

  • Energetic and supportive

  • A team player

  • Interested in returning to camp for multiple summers

  • at least 23 years of age

All of our Leadership Team roles have specific tasks and responsibilities, but there are a few common TLC traits we are looking for across the board:

  • coaching leadership skills

  • mindful communication skills

  • respectful behavioral management

  • intentional time management

  • guru of patience

  • flexibility champ

  • commitment to joy + silliness

  • leads with their heart


Main Responsibilities:

  • Directly Support the Site Director and Camp Director with oversight of camp safety, flow, and quality

  • “Lifeguard” for safety and quality concerns during structured floats during each rotation

  • Delegate tasks that come up to appropriate TLC or handle directly, as needed

  • Tell the story of Camp Wildfolk by taking high-quality photos, videos, and creating social media stories and reels, in accordance with Wildfolk guidelines

  • Support TLC in their roles by either assisting them with tasks or in some cases, taking over their responsibilities for a time

  • Support and/or supervise field trips

  • Lead Wildbunch AM or PM (if desired, and available)- ensuring safety and quality of extended care program

*this is not inclusive of all responsibilities. There are a number of other specific tasks that will be outlined in more detail during training.

ACC regular hours are 7:50am-3:20pm  (Mondays: 7:20am) 

Select Staff After-Camp Meetings: 7:30am- 4:00pm

Starts at $22/hour

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