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Camp Nurse

The Camp Nurse is a new position at Camp Wildfolk, responsible for the care and supervision of all medical services at camp.


These duties include caring for ill or injured campers, administering medication, caring for ill or injured staff, overseeing all camper health forms, reaching out to families about noted medical needs, keeping an organized record of incidents at camp, communication with Caregivers and Staff, and taking the lead on any medical emergencies. 

The Camp Nurse has strong communication skills, extensive knowledge of first aid and CPR, ability to respond quickly to unexpected situations, excellent decision-making skills, experience with children, empathy, and strong emotional and physical assessment abilities. 


The Camp Nurse  must have: 

  • RN or LPN degree (or current nursing school student)

  • Current CPR and First Aid certifications

  • Experience working with children and youth 

  • Ability to maintain health forms and paperwork 

  • Ability to maintain and administer all medications

  • Ability to make decisions and take initiative under pressure 

  • Good communication skills 


Camp Nurse regular hours are 10:00am- 2:30pm

Mondays start at 8:00am

$28/hour  ($24/hour for those who've completed at least 2 years of nursing school)

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