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 an "old school" day camp in Los Angeles,
rooted in a child-centered, project-based approach 

Our Mission

To guide and uplift a community of authentic, empowered 21st Century Leaders -inspiring their imagination, cultivating resilience through the development of a growth mindset, and nurturing their WILD spirit and hearts

At Wildfolk, we believe in giving kids an opportunity to explore, 

forge deep peer connections, 

take healthy risks, 

bond with compassionate adults, develop autonomy, 

and be authentically themselves.

--TK+Kinder Program --
-- 1st- 4th grade --
-- Specialty  for 5th- 10th-
-- 9:00am- 3:00pm --
-- ext. 8:00am- *5:30pm --
-- Project-Based --
-- Whole-Child Approach --
-- Growth Mindset Development --

Camp Intentions 

"The 7Cs"

I  Am... Community-minded

I  Am... Connected

I  Am... Creative

I  Am... Curious

I  Am... Compassionate

I  Am... Collaborative

I  Am... a Can-do'er


why pbl camp.png

What Wildfolk is:

  • We are a project-based, child-centered day camp with themed sessions and unique, one-of-a-kind traditions

  • We offer a variety of programs for children in Pre-K- 10th grade (starting at 4+) from two locations (West Hollywood and Valley)

  • We prioritize process over product-- yes we offer cool electives and activities, but don't expect any showy, cookie-cutter products coming home. We care more about how campers felt while making a project, how they collaborated with their peers, and how creating it helped them grow as a human

  • We hire compassionate, mature educators and specialists as "Camp Guides" and our Leadership Team are comprised of highly experienced youth development professionals. Meet our Wildfolk crew here

  • We help kids facilitate friendship making- it's an important skill and one of our main goals at Wildfolk that every kid make a pal 

  • We offer balance: indoor and outdoor activities, focused and active play, collaborative and independent activities, etc 

  • We are passionate about old-school camp spirit and take childhood memory-making and joy very seriously-- your kids will go home singing camp songs you grew up with and chanting their Team's cheer until your entire household knows it by heart

  • We are a camp that is about the kids first and you'll see this echoed in everything we do

  • We are hands-on, experiential, and mess-friendly! Your kids will go home dirty, sticky, and happy!

Wildfolk Water Day
Wildfolk Valley
Water Day
Wildfolk Way
Wildfolk WeHo
Wildfolk Art
Sports & Games
Messy Science

What Wildfolk is not...

  • We are not a drop-in style camp that operates without plans for each registered child to be there that session (your kid's attendance matters- they are part of a team for that session!)

  • We are not a specialty camp and we're really not focused on campers leaving camp with a super well-made, fancy "thing"

  • We are not a fancy boutique camp that can offer every family a detailed rundown of how much your child ate, went to the bathroom, etc. We care about each child in our care, but we want to set reasonable expectations

  • We are not a daycare or local recreation camp that hires inexperienced tweens and teens to supervise campers (we DO have amazing GIT and Junior Leader Staff programs and believe in fostering teen leadership-- but these are support crew! They are still learning and under the direction of our Camp Guides and Leadership Team (all experienced adults)

Camp Wildfolk Valley
(at Adat Ari El)
   12020 Burbank Blvd       
Valley Village, CA 91607

Camp Wildfolk WeHo
(at Larchmont Charter)
   1265 N. Fairfax Ave.     
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Now with 2 Convenient Locations:

Central to West Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Laurel Canyon, Studio City, Beverly Grove, Miracle Mile, Silverlake, Los Feliz,

Hancock Park, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Burbank, & More


Play Wild

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