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Team Leadership Coordinators


Team Leadership Coordinators


Special Event

 The Special Event Coordinator (SEC) is responsible for overseeing the preparations for our camp special days: Wet ‘n Wild Water Wednesday, Funky FriYAY, Jubilee, and the Camper Showcase. 


Each of these special camp days has a pre-set schedule with nuanced and changing activities each session. The SEC will create checklists and systems to ensure events are prepared well in advance, with all supplies and activities ready to go. 


The SEC will be well versed in the Supply Storage Room, keeping it tidy and organized. They will create and oversee a special dedicated space to pre-pull special items needed for Funky FriYAY and Jubilee days. They work closely with the Teen Program Coordinator and Camp Guides to ensure supplies needed for elective preparation are stocked and locations known. 


They will also maintain the Water Day storage area- keeping water items tidy and organized. 

All of our Leadership Team roles have specific tasks and responsibilities, but there are a few common TLC traits we are looking for across the board:

  • coaching leadership skills

  • mindful communication skills

  • respectful behavioral management

  • intentional time management

  • guru of patience

  • flexibility champ

  • commitment to joy + silliness

  • leads with their heart

The Special Event Coordinator must be:

  • Highly detail-oriented

  • Forward thinking

  • Very organized

  • A team player

  • Able to lift at least 30 pounds

  • Able to multitask multiple projects

  • Flexible to adapt and shift priorities

  • at least 23 years of age

Main Responsibilities:


  • Oversee preparations for all special camp days including gathering all supplies and enabling to-do task lists for day-of

  • Coach Guides on how to self-lead the premade curriculum for Funky FriYAY activities

  • Create and Manage Camper Showcase schedule each “Classic” session and ensure all participants and elements are prepared in advance with materials (songs, digital media, projector, etc)

  • Maintain a tidy and organized camp storage room and water day storage space

  • Guru of Camp Supply Storage Room– support Guides and Teen Program Coordinator on where to find supplies and ensuring storage is stocked

  • Conduct weekly Inventory Checks with Guides– gathering a list of needed supplies at least 1 week in advance

  • Maintain a sign-out sheet for camp supplies that are frequently used and ensure Guides return supplies in a timely manner.

  • Provide a resupply list to the Site Director proactively to help keep camp supplies from running out.

*this is not inclusive of all responsibilities. There are a number of other specific tasks that will be outlined in more detail during training.

SEC regular hours are 7:50am- 3:20pm  (Mondays: 7:20am)

Select Staff After-Camp Meetings: 7:50am- 4:05pm

Starts at $22/hour

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