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Registration Policies

Winter 2023

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A word from our Owner...

Running a children's camp since the start of the pandemic has been challenging, to say the least. Ever-changing protocols. Conflicting views from families on how to handle protocols. Constant rotation of kids and staff getting sick. Increased costs for just about everything. And on and on. 

I am beyond grateful that Wildfolk has stayed afloat. I feel proud of what our community was able to do these last few years and how we pulled together to provide a safe, joyful space for our kids. We've had to be strategic to ensure we always provide safe staff ratios. This has meant not opening to our max capacity, being firm with our cancellation policies (we sell-out every season with limited camper spaces and bring on extra staff when we expect higher enrollment), and hiring more "just-in-case" staff. 

It feels awful when campers get sick and have to miss camp.  But with lowered immune systems from the past few years- it's happening more and more. When a camper doesn't show up to enjoy camp, their space is still held and planned for. We turned away numerous families on our waiting list because that spot was accounted for. We brought on extra staff to account for the amount of kids we plan to be there.  

For the last few years, we've had families ask us to look into providing camp insurance- something to use if their kid gets sick, so they don't lose the money they spent on camp (which I get isn't nothing). And so, here is the new "Camper Illness Protection" option: a peace-of-mind offering that gives some assurance should your child get sick and need to miss a full week of camp. It is optional and not required for you to purchase.

I greatly appreciate all the kindness and support we've received from our families over these years and am delighted to be able to provide a safe, joyful community for our kids each year. 

Stay Wild,
Cassie "Goldie Fox" Young
Camp Owner + Executive Director


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