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Team Leadership Coordinators


Team Leadership Coordinators


Camper Support Coordinator

The Camper Support Coordinator (CSC) is responsible for providing child-centered conflict resolution and proactive, preventative group management coaching to minimize behavior issues. 

The CSC is available to support campers having trouble acclimating or transitioning, during big operation moments, when Guides are otherwise unavailable  (camper drop-off, morning ceremony, etc). 

In addition to campers having Big Feelings, the CSC supports conflict resolution, as part the Behavioral Intervention process at Wildfolk (1. Redirection via Guide, 2. CSC intervention, 3. Camp Director/Site Director intervention)

During the Camp Day, they participate in campus “rounds” to observe Guides, provide formal and informal coaching, and being generally available for camper support incidents. 


 They may be called into the Camp Office (via Walky-Talky) when incidents are brought to the Camp Office. The CSC completes Incident Reports and relays important details to the Camp Director and Site Director.

All of our Leadership Team roles have specific tasks and responsibilities, but there are a few common TLC traits we are looking for across the board:

  • coaching leadership skills

  • mindful communication skills

  • respectful behavioral management

  • intentional time management

  • guru of patience

  • flexibility champ

  • commitment to joy + silliness

  • leads with their heart

The Camper Support Coordinator must be:

  • Able to implement child-led conflict resolution

  • Active Listener 

  • Positive and supportive attitude

  • Coaching/Mentor skills

  • Highly experienced in classroom/group management

  • Calm and Patient

  • Respectful communication with children

  • At least 23 years of age

Main Responsibilities:

  • Help create an atmosphere where campers feel safe (physically, socially, emotionally)

  • Maintain a positive and uplifting attitude, encouraging a growth mindset and space for celebrating mistakes as part of the learning process

  • Support Staff in their practice of “The Wildfolk Way” (growth mindset development, project-based learning, child-centered, experiential learning, and uplifting, respectful communication)

  • Provide training and support to Camp Guides on how to resolve conflict with campers at camp in a child-led way

  • Foster a safe space for campers experiencing anxiety or trouble separating from families to acclimate and transition into camp

  • Promote highly positive behavior that aligns with Wildfolk’s “7 C’s” and the behaviors outlined in the “Behavior Agreement.”

  • Communicate delicately and professionally to Site Director with concerns about any child who may need more special supports

*this is not inclusive of all responsibilities. There are a number of other specific tasks that will be outlined in more detail during training.

SSC regular hours are 7:50am- 3:20pm  (Mondays: 7:20am)

Select Staff After-Camp Meetings: 7:50am- 4:05pm

Starts at $22/hour

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