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Team Leadership Coordinators


Year-round Camp Director

Camp Wildfolk is searching for a highly-experienced, camp-loving Camp Director to join our small crew! Please read the full description + details before applying. 

Camp Wildfolk, a project-based, child-centered Day Camp in Los Angeles, is seeking an experienced and passionate Camp Director.

Do you FEEL SEEN when we say we are looking for a… camp nerd, mindful communicator, flexibility champ, organizing whiz, intentional time manager, heart-led coach, patience guru, proactive behavior manager, tech savvy, self-starter, growth-mindset believer, solution-minded, multiple-project juggler, community-minded team player... who is dedicated to joy and silliness

The Camp Director main functions involve: assisting the Executive Director in overseeing the quality and care of Wildfolk (for campers, staff, and families), Customer Service and Registrar, Programming and Operations, Staff Supervision and Culture, Marketing and Digital Media, and Facility relations

Camp Director oversees 3 camp seasons annually: Winter, Spring, and Summer. This requires full availability during winter break, spring break, and the entirety of the summer, with flexibility for vacation/time-off during the “off-season.”

Primary Off-Season Responsibilities:

  • Customer Service positive, proactive, personalized communication (in-person, email, and phone)

  • Knowledge of Systems highly detail-oriented and organized; creates color-codes, keys, and triple-checks work before calling it “done”

  • Program Management critical thinking and creativity to shift priorities with multitasking projects

  • Digital Media basic experience with photography, videography/reels, and social media

  • Marketing and Events create and utilize organized google sheet that charts updates in conversation/status

  • Staff Culture Nurture through overseeing the hiring, interviewing, and onboarding process for new staff; meaningful connections with alumni

  • Executive Director Assistance  quickly adapt and re-prioritize multiple projects to assist with small administrative tasks as they arise


Primary Camp Season Responsibilities:


  • Overall Camp Oversight Under the guidance of Executive Director, ensure operations and programs meet mission statement and align with Wildfolk values

  • Proactive safety management Regular rotations throughout the camp day to scan for preventative measures with facility, staff, and campers

  • Foster a camp culture Fun, whimsy, connection, community, and magical moments for campers and staff

  • Directly supervise and coach small Leadership Team (TLC) meet their role’s goals and objectives (and step-in to complete tasks when needed)

  • Consistent and proactive communication with Executive Director daily phone chat and weekly in-person

  • Observe and Coach Camp Guides Formal and informal; provide modeling and HIP feedback

  • Manage Staff Professionalism, Enacting Radical candor and boundary holding in regards to professionalism (tardies, absences, not meeting expectations, etc)

  • Maintain flexibility, critical thinking, and good judgment when assessing the day’s to-dos, delegating and shuffling to re-prioritize as needed

  • Proactive, Warm, and Courteous Family Relations, instilling trust, modeling “above and beyond” expectations, and confidence that our staff “see” their kid


*this is not inclusive of all responsibilities. 


  • starting $65,000- $90,000, depending on experience

  • 1 week of paid vacation annually, during off-season/ non-camp (after 90 day probationary period)

  • California Paid Sick Policy

  • 6 Paid Holidays

Typical Hours

  • Seasonal Hours: 7:00/7:30am- 4:30/5:30pm

  • Off-Season Hours:  9:00am- 5:30pm  //Fridays 9:00am- 3:30pm

  • + Minimal Evenings + Weekends for Trainings, Camp Set-Up, Pack-Up, Staff Interviews, Alumni events, and marketing events 

Year-Round Camp Director Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Social Work, Recreation, Counseling, or similar  (equivalent work experience will be considered)

  • 3+ years of experience in a supervisory/leadership role at a camp

  • At least 25 years of age (per ACA recommendation and LA Public Health req)

  • ACA Camp Director certification (or willingness to obtain)

  • Able to work a physically demanding job, with long hours on your feet, in extreme heat (100+ degrees in the Summer)

  •  Limited driving required for supply pick-up, flyer distribution, etc

  • Camp Director role is physically demanding, with long hours outside, in the heat, and on your feet.

  • Must undergo livescan fingerprinting and comply with all required health tests and vaccinations (TB)

  • First Aid and CPR certified prior to camp starting (we will provide)

Application Process

1. Submit Intro-Application Part 1 (a quick google form to get to know you)

2. Email your Resume to  (our Camp Owner is directly overseeing the hiring for this job)

3. Check your inbox (you'll receive a link to Application Part 2 within 2 weeks if we think it might be a good fit) 

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