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We want to ensure our oldest campers feel truly challenged and excited about the offerings at Wildfolk, so we've added oodles of thrilling new options- open exclusively to our older campers, Robots, and GITs. 

Please note, class options change each session- so not every class will be offered every session, but our intention is to have a wide variety of class options to choose from and at least 2-3 advanced offerings within each rotation. 

Some of  our New Class options include:

3-D Printing 

Breakout (Escape Room Challenges)

Drones Exploration


Digital Animation

Theater & Dance Performance 

Cake Bakers

Video Game Builders (Bloxels)

Graphic Novels

Circuits & Gears

And we'll be offering many camper-favorites from last summer, too, including: 

Stop-Motion Animation
Pine Derby
Wood Working
Wild Wax Art
Fiber Art
Camp Yearbook
Paper Creations
& so, so many other options!

The beauty (in our opinion) of Wildfolk, is that campers will now have 3-6 choices of activities within each rotation- so there is bound to be something they're excited about!

And they don't have to just choose ONE thing- they're able to do Movement, Creative, and Innovation options daily. 

Special Options for Older Campers

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