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 "Zachary loved your camp! I know it was just a short experience, but he asked for your summer camp by name!” - Donna M
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July 5th- Special 1-Day

We're leaning into the "4th of July sleepies" and keeping Session B shorter-- offering Tuesday as optional for families that want the extra camp day

In Wildfolk tradition, we only do one movie viewing each summer and we treat it as a super-special occasion (we are mindful to choose a G rated movie that will be enjoyable for a wide range of ages). We have games & activities outside for campers that want to skip the movie part. 

In addition to the movie viewing, we're treating this day as a big slumber party! 

Lunch Included

Pizza, Carrots, Popcorn, Lemonade, and a special treat! 


 Great Day to Try Camp

A great opportunity to invite a friend to try camp if they've never been! 

Campers can sign-up for the 1-Day even if they have never attended Wildfolk before. We'll make sure they get connected to friends and have a great day! 

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Pajama Day
Pizza time
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