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Top 5 Reasons to Work at Camp Wildfolk

As camp staffing is starting, it's been hitting me how much of an influence my early camp jobs had on me (obviously aside from the fact that I went on to become a Camp Owner- duh!)

But those early positions as a Camp Counselor, and then Specialist, were some of the most fun, challenging, influential, and rewarding jobs I've ever had.

So, I felt like it might be time to post my Top 5 Reasons to work at Camp this summer....


Camp folks in general tend to be a special bunch of folks, and here at Camp Wildfolk, our unique love and celebration for all things Wild tends to make us an extra-special, rag-tag team of soul-shakers.

Working at Wildfolk means you’re joining a tribe of like-minded individuals with similar passions. We all might come from different backgrounds, cultures, and educational framework, but we’re united in our love of inspiring and being inspired.

Our community is there for one another- we celebrate our wins, build ideas off our failures, and hold and support each other in maintaining a high-level of positivity and awesomeness!


If you’re looking to form a deep, meaningful connection with children, your peers, and yourself- what better place then camp?

You know the unbelievable benefits that camp provides for children..

News Alert!

- It can be the same powerful agent of change for you, too! Woo-hoo!

Professional Development

We put so much thought and love into executing a super meaningful staff training that get our staff feeling incredibly prepared and confident in taking on the best summer of their lives!

In addition to our pre-camp trainings, we provide ongoing professional development throughout the summer, to keep staff growing and working toward their individual and collective goals.


This is by no means an “easy summer gig.” If that’s what you were hoping for, find the “X” and abort mission!

Days will be long, hot (this is LA!) and often challenging. To be truly present with children can be mentally exhausting. We ask a lot from our staff, and we give a lot in return.

We work with staff to co-plan staff outings and happenings that help bond, relax, and restore your vibrancy and enthusiasm for the work. This includes staff meals, potlucks, sporting events, weekend picnics, community goin’ ons, and the true highlight:

our End-o’-Summer Retreat Celebration!!


And we suppose you’re not just here out of the goodness of your heart, huh?

Ours is one the HIGHEST PAYING CAMPS in Los Angeles.

So.. if you know any exceptional educators out there.. send them our way! :)

Be You Out There!

-Goldie Fox

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