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Vision Boarding with Kids

I start every year with a new Vision Board. A Vision Board is a space where you display words and pictures that inspire your intentions for your life. I like to infuse theories from "The Desire Map", as well as Feng Shui principles to organize my board.

More than the board itself, it's the practice of getting centered and clear, meditating, and envisioning my intentions for the year.

At Winter Camp, we did an exercise with our campers using a very simple Vision Board template. While the boards I typically create are Feng Shui inspired and have 9 sections for each area of our lives, this template is basic and approachable for kids.

If your child is not yet writing, guide them to draw their intentions. If they feel comfortable with writing, they can combine words and drawings. If they are older, they may prefer to cut out each section of this template and glue on onto a posterboard, allowing space for some magazine collage images in each section.

To start, set the mood. Perhaps play some soft music or rain sounds. Get in a cozy space and guide your child to close their eyes. Take them through each section of the vision board. Depending on their age, perhaps give them an example or two of an intention (be careful not to give too many examples- kids tend to just copy the example if they're afraid of "doing it wrong" or feeling pressured to be creative.)

Sometimes it can help to use reflection stories from the previous year. For example, if you know they took an interest in an activity, but struggled with it. You can remind them how hard they were working (see if that is something they identify as wanting to get better at this year).

Just keep it positive and light! Happy Vision Boarding!

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