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7 C's Saturdays: I Am Connected

Our Camp Intentions are the foundation for how we lead at Wildfolk.

Every Saturday, we'll explore one of our 7 C's and ideas for practical implementation 👍 • I am Connected 🤔💖 • There so many ways we're all connected now with technology, but the connection we truly need is a connection with ourselves and a knowingness about our deeper connection and oneness as human beings. 🤝 • • It is our belief that we are put here to take care of one another.

That can start with small acts of kindness. But it also means you have to feel connected to yourself and your own worth. 💪 •

• At home, this intention can inspire small practices of mindfulness.

Teaching your child to be fully present. The best way to do this is by role-modeling it! Teach your child about self-love by practicing it! 💝 • • Other small tools include starting a child with meditation young, yoga, going on walks, of journaling. 📝 • Our future depends on our children's ability to be leaders, which begins with self-assured kiddos who know and believe in themselves and their connection to others on a global scale. Let's give them the tools. 💖

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