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7 C's Saturdays: I Am Community -Minded

Our Camp Intentions are the foundation for how we lead at Wildfolk.

Every Saturday, we'll explore one of our 7 C's and ideas for practical implementation 👍 • I am Community-Minded 🤔👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 • Think about all the communities your child is a part of: your immediate family, larger family, neighborhood, school, city, state, America, Planet Earth... 🌏

• It is our belief that we are put here to take care of one another.

That can start with small acts of kindness and care. That means taking care of our environment and all things in it. Seeing our larger impact 👭👫👬

• At home, this intention can inspire asking your child what it means to them to be a part of the family.

What responsibilities does that carry? Perhaps resetting the playroom when they're done with toys, or offering a hand with dishes after dinner. 🎲

Or making a phone call to Grandma, even though you reeeeeally just want to go read your book ☎️

• On a larger scale, it can mean exposing your child to some deeper truths.

Share with them (age appropriately) what is going on in your communities. Bring them in & see what ideas they come up with. They might surprise you how community-minded they can be!

They may want to start volunteering, or begin a project to raise awareness about an issue. ✊️

• Our future depends on our children's ability to join together! Let's give them the tools. 💖

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