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Kid Tip Thursdays: Speak Your Process Out Loud

It's no secret that kids are tiny spies and parrots 🐧

Whether they know it or not, they are constantly gathering clues about how to be by watching and hearing us, so don't waste the opportunity! • Speak out your inner monologue 🎤

They will learn about healthy decision making by listening to you process & dialogue about your actions or thoughts. "Hmm, I'm feeling so tired, but I know it would mean a great deal to Grandma if I have her a quick call to say Hello. I can always watch my show any other time..." Even if they say nothing, they are internalizing what you say, how you say it, and interpreting the meaning.

You'd be surprised how big an impact it can make! 💥 Are there any things you always try to do out loud for your kids benefit?

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