Kid Tip Thursdays: Speak Your Process Out Loud

It's no secret that kids are tiny spies and parrots 🐧

Whether they know it or not, they are constantly gathering clues about how to be by watching and hearing us, so don't waste the opportunity! • • Speak out your inner monologue 🎤

They will learn about healthy decision making by listening to you process & dialogue about your actions or thoughts. • • "Hmm, I'm feeling so tired, but I know it would mean a great deal to Grandma if I have her a quick call to say Hello. I can always watch my show any other time..." • • Even if they say nothing, they are internalizing what you say, how you say it, and interpreting the meaning.

You'd be surprised how big an impact it can make! 💥 • • Are there any things you always try to do out loud for your kids benefit?

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